Is there more Crime?

I don’t know about you but there are more new items about crime, robberies and that sort of thing in the news then ever before in my humble opinion.
It almost seems that one halve of the world is trying to steal or rob from the other halve. This all made me think about self defense and as usual when something has my attention I like to write about it.

I am not interested in all the martial arts schools and classes that you can follow. I am not that physical.
I tried Judo years ago as a kid, but did not care for it.

So, I had to find an other way to defend and protect myself. I have no idea if I will ever need and I actually hope I don’t. But better safe then sorry.

Guns or other options

Like I wrote I am not so secure in my physical abilities, but am also not so delighted with the idea to use a fire arm. I have guns and will use them if I am forced to do so, but prefer to look at other options first.

My choice of self defense products

That is why I am the owner of a few so called non-lethal self defense products.
The first one is a high voltage stun gun flashlight combination and I you follow the link you go to the store where I bought mine.
flashlight stun gun
The second one is more for my wife and this is a pepper-spay for on your sun visor. She was no to interested in having a stun gun and this pepper spray can be very effective also.

After looking on the internet for a store we found C & E security and like the products and the prices.
The delivery was fast and the products where in good shape.

This is the story about my and wife’s self defense products and why we prefer to start with a non lethal one. Just realize that I also think that every family in America should have at-least on gun and should know how to use it in case of an emergency.

The vast majority of plastic surgery clients are female, both for reconstructive and selective surgical procedures, while most surgeons in the field are male. Not surprisingly, so many women that have been asked to provide feedback or spoken openly about their experiences have indicated that they prefer female plastic surgeons to male surgeons.

female cosmetic surgeon NashvilleWhen it comes to having surgery performed on you, especially selective procedures, you want to be sure you’re entirely comfortable with the individual that is performing the surgery. Adequately in both how they interact and listen to their skill level. These factors are what women point to as being most important to them and making all the difference in the cosmetic surgeon TN they choose.

A doctor that you can feel comfortable and open with is a huge reason why woman prefer female plastic surgeons in Nashville tn. Most females are listeners, meaning they are more likely to be able to truly hear and relate to all the concerns that their patients have. This makes women feel confident that they are being heard and their concerns or fears are being addressed fully. No one wants to go into surgery with questions or fears being left unanswered, so having an understanding and an attentive doctor is of vital importance before major procedures begin. Obviously, male plastic surgeons can offer this as well but females have that little added extra relatability as same genders.

While most women will look for a surgeon that is female, the skill and access to these plastic surgeons will play a role in female surgeontheir choice. Sometimes the best doctor in the field is not going to be a woman that you are comfortable with. Then you’ll need to make a choice between getting exactly what you want, to what is most important to you. We believe what is truly important is receiving an exceptionally carried out surgery, despite who the surgeon is.






If there is a limited access to available woman cosmetic surgeons in Tennessee; alternate options will have to be taken. In a male-dominated industry of plastic surgeons, the fact of finding a local female surgeon that can do the operation for you is in of itself already a luxury.

Online stores are booming lately. The sales of internet based purchase almost outrank the sales made in normal stores.
Specially around holidays there is a big spike in online ordering.

One of the reasons is that there are more and more websites that review products and have added customer reviews.
The big advantage for that is that it makes the life of people who are looking for product a lot easier.

I don’t know about you, but I like to have a good look at any product I think of buying.
I like to see all the features, pros and cons and preferably some detail pictures.

After looking at all the features I make the final decision to purchase the product or try to find one that is better for my needs.
There are more and more websites that do product reviews for home and garden products and you can find some real good information here.

buy safe online
There are stats available what people look the most for and this might not come as a surprise but one of the most products ordered on the internet is in the kitchen products.

After that we have another category that gets most sales and this is the ones that concern our kids. This can vary from toys to beds to anything else we need for our kids. Lately I see a lot of people looking for Products for children and products related to the safety of their children.

I can no explain this phenomenon but it just shows in the stats. Besides the fact that is more common to have one it is also possible to watch your children on you smartphone. This maybe is why more people look at these products.

Buying those products online can be a huge time saver and even safe a lot of money.
After all in most states there is no sale tax on online purchases and that outweighs the shipping cost.
Although there are more and more so called E-Commerce stores that drop the shipping cost when you order over a certain amount. Sometimes this is worth looking at and you can buy an extra product at no extra cost in that way.